from DSR is a portable, high-performance Bluetooth stack ideally suited for both embedded and desktop applications.
implements the Bluetooth Protocols and Profiles above the Host Controller Interface (HCI) layer to provide a full-feature, robust and flexible Bluetooth stack which interfaces seamlessly with Bluetooth chips from Broadcom, CSR and others.
Key Advantages of :
  • full feature Bluetooth stack - extensive support for protocols and profiles, available as binary or source code
  • highly optimised for embedded and desktop environments - minimal resource usage, robust execution, high performance
  • portable - supports multiple Bluetooth chips, Operating Systems and Processors
  • thoroughly tested - certified by Bluetooth SIG and rigorously tested for interoperability
  • extensively deployed - shipped in thousands of devices
  • support you can trust - the backing of DSR's experienced professional services for porting, customisation, fine-tuning
  • product roadmap - we have plans for future releases of to support Bluetooth LE and HS
To date, has been shipped by our customers in thousands of commercial devices. Click here to see customer products using deployed into the market.
is fully certified by the Bluetooth SIG and has been extensively tested for interoperability.
is fully portable across multiple operating systems and processors, including Windows, Linux, ARM, Intel, TI and others.
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  • BQB certified for versions 1.2, 2.0
  • Qualification information
    • 2.0+EDR - QDID B013961
  • Bluetooth® 1.0b, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1,
    3.0 adapters support
  • High speed restart after on/off, suspend/resume (less than 1 sec)
  • Fast auto-connect after restart
  • Zero-memory leak architecture
  • High performance data transfer
  • High performance discovery and connection establishment
  • Necessary profile compilation to minimize memory usage
  • Multiple adapters per running stack
    • 8 adapters tested
  • Multiple connection support:
    • 7 connections with 1 adapter
    • 32 connections with 8 adapters
  • Backward compatibility with B-Rappore SDK *

Profiles supported

  • GAP
  • SDP
  • SPP
  • GOEP
  • OPP
  • FTP
  • LAN
  • DUN
  • PAN (PANU)
  • Headset (AG)
  • Hands-free 1.5 (AG)
  • BIP
  • A2DP

Platforms supported

Bluetooth chips:
  • CSR
  • Broadcom
  • Silicon Wave
  • Atheros/Qualcomm
  • x86
  • ARM, Xscale
  • SH4
Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP, CE (3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0), Embedded CE 6.0, Mobile 6.0
  • PocketPC 2002, 2003, 2003 SE
  • Linux, Embedded Linux
HCI transport:
  • USB
  • BCSP
  • H4
Complete Customer Support
As part of our comprehensive support to get you up and running, we also provide:
  • SDK to enable simple, easy development of your Bluetooth applications - click here for details
  • Professional services to support porting, integration, optimisation and testing - click here for details
We're very ready to help you with your Bluetooth software needs for today's Bluetooth standards, but we're also looking to the future of Bluetooth wireless technology with our LE protocol stack which will support the recently adopted Bluetooth low energy specification and HS which will support the Bluetooth high speed specification.
* is the new name for our BL-Rappore Bluetooth stack. Click here for the history of B-Rappore/BL-Rappore and information about our Bluetooth know-how.