ZBOSS© 3.0 and ZBOSS© PRO are portable, high-performance ZigBee® stacks ideally suited for both embedded and desktop applications.
ZBOSS© implements the ZigBee® Protocols above the physical layer to provide a full-featured, robust and flexible ZigBee® stack that interfaces seamlessly with ZigBee® chips from GreenPeak, Ubec, Texas Instruments and others.
Key Advantages of ZBOSS© 3.0 (ZBOSS PRO):
  • full-featured ZigBee® stack - extensive support for protocols, available as binary or source code
  • highly optimized for embedded and desktop environments - minimal resource usage, robust execution, high performance
  • cross-platform – supports multiple ZigBee® chips, Operating Systems, Processors, and OS-less platforms
  • thoroughly tested - certified by ZigBee® ZCP and rigorously tested for interoperability
  • support you can trust - the backing of DSR's experienced professional services for porting, customization, and fine-tuning
  • network simulator support - simplifies development process for ZigBee-based applications
  • flexibility – 2.4 GHz and Sub-1 GHz radio support
ZBOSS© stack is designed to be fully portable across multiple operating systems and processors, including OS-less platforms, Linux, Windows and others.
ZBOSS© Products:
ZBOSS© 1.0 is the first open-source ZigBee® protocol stack implementing ZigBee® 2007 specification certified by the ZigBee® Alliance, click here for details.
ZBOSS© Network Simulator can be used for ZigBee® application development and debug on Linux PC without using physical hardware. ZBOSS Network Simulator is available for free download – click here for details.
ZBOSS© support for Wireshark extends the official Wireshark package for ZigBee® packets parsing features and adds support for ZCL and ZGP packets parsing. ZBOSS support for Wireshark package is available for free download – click here for details.


  • ZigBee® core specification, ZigBee® Pro feature set
  • All device roles (ZC, ZR, ZED)
  • ZCL - ZigBee® Cluster Library
  • ZHA - ZigBee® Home Automation profile
  • ZLL - ZigBee® Light Link
  • ZGP – ZigBee® Green Power
  • ZigBee® PRO certified
  • Standard security
  • Zero-memory leak architecture
  • Predictable budgeting for memory usage (guaranteed maximum)
  • Optimized routing table memory usage
  • Open API

Platforms supported

  • GreenPeak radio: GP501, GP710, GP711
  • UBEC radio: UZ2400, UZ2410
  • Sub-1 GHz radio: TI CC1200
  • TI CC25xx SoC family
  • ARM MCU core: Cortex M3, Cortex M4, ARM9
  • 8051 MCU core
  • Simulators: ZBOSS Network Simulator, 8051 MCU simulator
  • OS: Linux, OS-less


  • ZigBee® to USB serial bridge
  • ZigBee® to Ethernet Gateway
  • ZigBee® based security systems
  • ZBOSS© Network Simulator
  • ZBOSS© support for Wireshark
  • ZBOSS© Sniffer
Complete Customer Support
As part of DSR’s comprehensive support to get you up and running, DSR also provides:
  • ZBOSS© SDK to enable simple, easy development of your ZigBee®
  • Professional services to support porting, integration, optimization and testing - click here for details